This Research work introduces an electroactive bionanocomposite based on poly(diethylene glycol adipate) (PDEGA) and cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs). The bionanocomposites were made using CNCs extracted from cotton and by optimizing its concentration in terms of the optical transmittance and viscosity. The characteristic properties of the materials were analyzed using contact angle measurements and Fourier transformation infrared spectra. Using the PDEGA/CNC bionanocomposite at a very low concentration of CNCs, a configurable lens having a robust, self-contained tunable optical structure was developed. The shape and curvature of the soft PDEGA/CNC device were controlled by applying voltage, and the focal length was measured. The simple structure, high optical transparency, biodegradability, thermal stability, high durability, and low power consumption make the new material particularly useful in fabricating a reconfigurable lens for future electronic and optical devices.